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Transfer Windows, Vol. 1

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Originally started as a 1-track project over how the main menu of Kerbal Space Program 2 might sound, Transfer Windows quickly transformed into an endeavour to provide the base game with a set of brand new tracks that would fit the ambiance of the game, all the while giving it some more grandiosity and weight.

The original song that kickstarted the project, “Home”, is a piano reprise of the original main menu theme rearranged with synthesizer pads. The build-up then resolves to a calm melody over the theme playing on a music box. This song met frank success with the KSP community and thus the project was born.

The mod used LinuxGuruGamer’s Soundtrack Editor Forked to create a content pack that would play specific songs in specific menus allowing for the composition to adapt to the different situations one might find in game. A groovy song was used for the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB Vibes) while some other menus like the Radar Station (Lullaby for a Planetarium) and the Science Labs (Labcoats Galore) were designed to be less present and more ambiant.

The techniques that were used for this project include :

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