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Session Jump, Vol. 1

You can listen to this project on Bandcamp

Session Jump was a two-man ARG/Audio Saga project based on the famous webcomic Homestuck.

The original project included video snippets to be uploaded on youtube to guide listeners through a game where they would have to interact with the characters of the fiction.

The writing and editing was the work of Azael “ThatJuanGuy” Arroyo while I handled music writing and scoring.

While the initial project did not go through to final production, enough work was done on the music part to release an album, complete with a snippet of scored voice acting that was supposed to be part of a video.

The music is heavily referential to the original works of Homestuck, using Leitmotivs and specific synths sounds to evoque their original songs. However new compositions were added in order to differentiate the project in terms of mood and grandeur.

Session Jump, Vol. 12019
AlbumAudio Saga Soundtrack