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Claustrorush - Original Game Soundtrack

You can listen to this project on Youtube

For Ludum Dare 54, I started a dev team with a friend of mine (@Marcoleric_) and we took on the challenge of devellopping a game in 48 hours.

During this time, I worked both on features for the game as well as the music and SFX that would be present in the final copy.

The game we made, “Claustrorush”, is a never ending high-energy platformer that requires you to go as fast as possible to collect some magic runes in order to repell the ever-closing walls around you.

This soundtrack was made in a few hours during the jam is then custom made to fit that adrenaline puming game.

In the end, out of 1500 contest entries, Claustrorush placed 93rd in the General category, and 91st in the Audio category, placing the game easily in the top 8% of games made for this jam.

Claustrorush - Original Game Soundtrack2023
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